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History of Poaching

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Poaching has plagued Yellowstone since its conception in 1872. We explore the events that led to the first legislation for protecting Yellowstone's wildlife by visiting a poacher cabin. We begin by discussing the massive slaughter of animals in the 1870's and progress to the eventual capture of the notorious poacher Ed Howell in 1894, which led to the Lacey Act in the same year.

Discussions include not only the history of poaching but also the current challenges of wildlife management. We are particularly well suited to this topic because Jett has actually taken the Yellowstone National Park Historian, Dr. Lee Whittlesey, into the backcountry where they surveyed and documented the above mentioned cabin for the Yellowstone archives.

To the right is a map that details our route and campsite. This pack trip lasts four days and costs $1,800 per person.

This trip has a stationary Base Camp. Check our Calendar for availability and have a look at our menus and packing list.

You can compare the routes and prices of all our trips by visiting Horse Pack Trips - Maps and Prices.

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Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra
Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra

Be sure to check out the number one selling CD in Yellowstone by your guide, Jett Hitt. It is a full scale violin concerto recorded by the Slovak Radio Symphony.

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