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Ride availability in May is different each year. We may or may not begin running on May 15. Rides begin when the rangers declare the trails fit for stock use. Average daytime temperatures are in the 40s to 50s and the 60s and 70s by late May and early June. Remember that this is the "average." We recommend a warm jacket, thermal underwear and rain gear. Spring visitors should be prepared for any type of weather.


Rides run every day in June, except when noted on the calendar. June can be cool and rainy. Average maximum temperatures are usually in the 70s. Nights are cool and temperatures may drop into the 30s and 40s. It may even snow in early June. (It may be hot as blue blazes, too.) We recommend a warm jacket and rain gear for the month of June and, during early June, thermal underwear.


July is the beginning of pack trip season. Summer temperatures are usually in the 70s and occasionally in the 80s in the lower elevations. Nights are cool and temperatures may drop into the 30s and 40s. At higher elevations, temperatures may even fall into the 20s with a light freeze. July and August tend to be somewhat drier than June, although afternoon thundershowers and lightning storms are common. We recommend a warm jacket and rain gear. Toward the end of August, the temperatures typically begin to cool. We recommend a warm jacket and rain gear and, during mid to late August, thermal underwear. August is similar to July with the end of the month becoming cooler.


Starting in September, temperatures average 10 to 20 degrees lower than summer readings, with highs in the 40s to 60s. Over night temperatures can fall into the teens and single digits. Snowstorms increase in frequency and intensity as the weeks go by. At any time of year be prepared for sudden changes; unpredictably, more than anything else, characterizes Yellowstone's weather. We recommend a warm jacket, rain gear and thermal underwear. If you are taking a multiple day pack trip, we recommend wool socks, pants and a shirt.


Full and half day rides as well as pack trips are offered during October, depending upon weather conditions. Though the temperatures are often quite cool, it can be a beautiful time to be in Yellowstone. Call for availability.

Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra
Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra

Be sure to check out the number one selling CD in Yellowstone by your guide, Jett Hitt. It is a full scale violin concerto recorded by the Slovak Radio Symphony.

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There is one word that perfectly describes weather in Yellowstone, UNPREDICTABLE. BE PREPARED!!!! Always bring rain gear and warm clothing. It can snow any day of the year in Yellowstone.
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